10 PCS 35V 1000UF Multirotor FM Series Capacitors 12.5x25mm
$7.00 $10.61

10 PCS 35V 1000UF Multirotor FM Series Capacitors 12.5x25mm for Bushless ESCSpecification:Item Name:.....

100Pcs 2x5x7mm 2.8-3V Square Blue LED Light Emitting Diode
$5.24 $6.63

Feature:Size: 2*5*7mm (Square type)Color: BlueVoltage: 2.5-3.2VQuantity: 100pcs/bagNot flashing.....

100pcs IN4007 1N4007 DIP Rectifier Diode
$3.65 $5.00

Package included:100 x IN4007 1N4007 DIP rectifier diode .....

10pcs SB5100 5.0A SCHOTTKY BARRIER Diode
$3.51 $3.77

Features: Small volumeCan be used as the high frequency rectifier in low voltage and high curre.....

120pcs 5mm White Red Blue Green Yellow Purple LED Light Bulb Emitting Diode
$4.34 $6.20

Specification:ColorSizeWavelength(nm)(if=20mA)Voltage(V)(if=20mA)Lens colorRed5MM620-6301.8-2.3Clear.....

200pcs 25 Types 630V Metal Film Capacitors Assortment Kit
$27.02 $32.56

200pcs 25 Types 630V 0.001uf~2.2uf CBB Metal Film Capacitors Assortment KitDescription:1. Quantity: .....

200pcs 5mm 940nm IR Infrared Diode Launch Emitter Receive Receiver LED
$15.27 $23.13

Description:Size: 5mmLength: 37mmEmitted colour: InfraredLens color: Black/Clearwavelength: 940nmFor.....

25A 1000V Diode Rectifier Bridge GBJ2510 Power Electronic Components
$2.79 $4.05

Description: 25A 1000V diode bridge rectifier GBJ2510If – Forward Current: 25 APeak Rever.....

3 x 375pcs Each Box 3MM 5MM LED Light Emitting Diode
$21.89 $28.43

Features: Conventient for DIY and repair equipment and electrial appliancesPerfect use for home.....

300 Pcs 2pF-0.1F Ceramic Capacitors Kit
$9.98 $12.32

Feature:Capacity: 2pF-0.1μFCapacityQuantityCapacityQuantityCapacityQuantity2pF1075pF102200pF (2.2.....

4 Channel 5A 250V AC/30V DC Compatible 40Pin Relay Board
$29.38 $31.59

Description:Commonly used in smart home and other areas of strong power.Combined with the raspberry .....

5pcs KY-028 4 Pin Digital Temperature Thermistor Thermal Sensor Switch Module For Arduino Raspberry
$10.54 $13.18

Features: 1. using the NTC thermistor sensor , good sensitivity2. the comparator output signal .....

Geekcreit 1uF-2200uF 125pcs 25 Values Electrolytic Capacitors Assorted Kit Set
$9.68 $13.26

Features:This powerful and useful tool pack can repair for the power supply for the Pansat 9200 High.....

Prototype HAT Shield For Raspberry Pi
$7.01 $10.02

Prototype HAT Shield For Raspberry Pi 2 / B+ / A+Feature:Material: PCBDimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.3 cm.....

Solderless 400 Point Breadboard + 40Pin Cable + 40Pin GPIO For Raspberry Pi 2 Mode B/B+
$14.75 $18.44

Solderless 400 Point Breadboard + 40Pin Cable + 40Pin GPIO For Raspberry Pi 2 Mode B & Raspberry.....